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We hire felons dot org staffing offers individuals as temporary or transitional placements through our Alternative Staffing Enterprise entitled Opportunity Staffing, a d.b.a. of We hire felons dot org staffing. This enterprise enables an employer to “try before you buy,” while the We hire felons dot org staffing client continues their pursuit of a career, not just a job.  

If you are an employer and have high turnover or little time for selecting new employees; We hire felons dot org staffing can reduce your cost-per-hire and recruiting workload.  Our services are designed to help you make more effective and successful hiring decisions, and to increase retention. We hire felons dot org staffing offers motivated candidates that possess a criminal background; candidates that are proving that they can earn a second chance. 

TRUST TAKES TIME AND EFFORT to gain back. Transitional Employees of Opportunity Staffing and We hire felons dot org staffingt staff understand this.  See how we’ve applied this to our Alternative Staffing business model. 

Why work with us?

Competitive Rates: We pride ourselves that we have a lean office with low overhead.  We also know that sometimes you get what you pay for.  Our rates will not be the cheapest nor the most expensive, but competitive.  Try one candidate and see if it matches with this pledge.

Up to $2,400 per individual hired on your payroll:  WOTC and WtW Tax Credits. Blue Jacket clients may be eligible under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program and Welfare to Work qualifications. We will prepare the paperwork if you hire permanent.

No Temp-to-Perm Conversion Fees: Our Mission is a permanent position with clients working toward careers.  Hire an Opportunity Staffing employee and receive a hand-shake, a thank you, and possible tax credit.


Bonded Employees

Drug Tested Employees

Criminal backgrounds on everyone.  Yes, we screen to your expectations.



In today’s tough economy, both companies and job seekers are hurting.  Job seekers are competing against many other applicants for a limited number of available positions, making it tough for even the best workers to secure employment.  Employers are also cautious about hiring, because of the continued economic uncertainty, and the need to keep risks and liabilities low.  




At We Hire Felons Dot Org Staffing, we are committed to helping bridge this gap.  We train, connect and place qualified, reliable workers, and provide them to employers for a low-cost and zero risk or liability.  Our services are available for anyone who is looking or has been looking for work, or would like to increase their employment opportunities. 




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