We are a company founded by Derrick Sherrill that offers felons a dedicated website and portal to go to for job leads, resume help, and networking with others who have been successful in their job hunt.  I founded this company because I have family and friends that have changed their lives around and still cannot find employment due to their felony. We are looking to partner with any and all reentry programs in all 50 states so please feel free to forward this information to anyone that may have a need. The website WWW.WEHIREFELONS.ORG will list felon friendly employers and their openings who have been educated on the tax breaks given to companies that hire recent felons. These companies also believe as we do that everyone deserves a second chance. We also believe that the key to true rehabilitation is jobs. While incarcerated a person may go to school and even earn a degree but once released they still can’t find a job, this is not the way the system should work. We believe if you have the skills to perform the job you should be given the chance to prove yourself. Jobs keep offenders from going back to their old ways and getting into more trouble. Now these jobs can’t be minimum wage because that is still a hindrance to rehabilitation. 

In today’s tough economy, both companies and job seekers are hurting.  Job seekers are competing against many other applicants for a limited number of available positions, making it tough for even the best workers to secure employment.  Employers are also cautious about hiring, because of the continued economic uncertainty, and the need to keep risks and liabilities low.